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Siemens Hearing Aids Products

Siemens has been a leader in the hearing care services for over 130 years. Their hearing instruments suit your hearing and your lifestyle. The hearing instruments are inconspicuous but do not compromise their ability to help you hear well. The hearing solutions are easy and durable.Siemens Pure hearing aid

Siemens Pure: BestSound Technology
An ultra-small receiver-in-canal hearing instrument with a choice o f16 colors to meet your individuality. It features the revolutionary BestSound Technology that includes:

* FeedbackStopper that quickly detects, isolates, and eliminates whistling before it starts. It uses a powerful adaptive phase cancellation filter to suppress the whistle without reducing the gain for external signals like speech, music, and environmental sounds.

* SoundLearing 2.0 that learns and automatically adjusts to your hearing preferences regardless of your environment. SoundLearing records the changes you make to the hearing aid. It also follows the sounds surrounding you. Next time it detects these situations, it automatically adjusts to your individual preferences.

* SpeechFocus automatically senses when someone is speaking to you. No matter what direction the voice comes from, it will help you understand what’s being said. This technology overcomes the limitations of traditional directional microphones. In addition to having all the functionalities of a four-channel adaptive directional microphone system, when necessary, SpeechFocus is able to automatically focus on speech which does not originate from the front. SpeechFocus continuously scans sounds in the listening environment for speech patterns. When speech is detected, then SpeechFocus selects the directivity pattern most effective in focusing on that speech source.

The Pure 701 provides the best possible clarity for speech in any direction, even from behind. There are virtually no manual adjustments needed regardless of the listening situation.  It uses synchronized sound processing for better binaural (two ears) listening. The Pure 701 is available in all models: Receiver-in-the canal or custom products.Siemens Pure Life - close up picture

Discreet & elegant

* Small and stylish
* Exchangeable colors that stand out or blend in
* Fully automatic functions for discreet handling

Fast & flexible
* Instant fitting concept
* Low maintenance and follow up visits
* Easy handling and inexpensive replacements


* Features revolutionary BestSound Technology from Siemens
* Compatible with the Tek wireless enhancement system
* Also suitable for controlling tinnitus

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