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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey hearing aids focuses on improving the lives of people through better hearing.

Starkey has four decades of hearing aid innovation. During those 40+ years, they have developed some of the most forward thinking hearing aids. Starkey developed the first in-canal hearing aid. They also developed the first completely-in-canal hearing aid. They were the first hearing aid manufacturer to use nanotechnology coatings in hearing aids. They were the first to integrate real-ear measurements directly into the hearing aids.
Starkey Hearing Aids

Providing an unparalleled listening experience is Starkey’s goal in their hearing aids. This includes reducing or eliminating the problems that frequently plagued older hearing aids.

Starkey hearing aids have little or no feedback (that annoying whistle that can come from hearing aids). They have a superior amplification of high frequency sounds that make speech more intelligible for people with high frequency hearing losses.

Starkey Hearing Instruments has its own hearing research center. It is located in Berkeley, CA. Their research focuses on auditory perceptual sciences and hearing aid signal processing technologies. This research leads to better ways to modify and amplify sounds to enhance auditory perception. Leading sound scientists and universities work with Starkey to find better ways to understand what hearing loss is, the diverse affects hearing loss has on individuals, and the effect of hearing loss on cognition.

An evidence-based philosophy on newer technologies makes Starkey a world leader in hearing aids. The desire is that the patient benefits from every design and technology. Unnecessary features and updates are not included. The updates and improvements must make a difference to the patient or to the professionals fitting the hearing aids.

Starkey has the art and science that helps people hear better. Their hearing aids are made for the benefit of patients. The hearing aids are clinically tested and also tested in the real world.

Starkey hearing aids are comfortable and personalized for the patient. Starkey goes beyond any other manufacturer in willingness to solve the most challenging hearing problems. Starkey’s Center of Excellence in Minnesota, accepts patients referred from all over the world.

Whether you have a ‘routine’ hearing problem (by the way, there is no routine hearing problem, all hearing problems are specific to each individual) or a more challenging problem, Starkey hearing aids provide great products and product support to provide you with the very best hearing possible.

At Denver Hearing Aids we encourage you to come in and try Starkey hearing aids. You’ll find better hearing improves your life.?