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Free Hearing Test*

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We offer a free screening hearing check* using a range of tests designed specifically to ensure the best success in selecting your hearing aid.

Free Hearing Screening Test and Consultation *

A hearing screening and testing is limited to a visual examination of the ear canal and threshold testing though headphones at the speech frequencies (.5-3kHz).
The results are Pass or Fail.

The hearing screening test provides limited information as to whether amplification is indicated and if additional testing is necessary.

Comprehensive testing is necessary

  1. To determine the nature and degree of hearing loss; and for
  2. Proper selection and fitting of hearing aids and devices for safety, comfort and benefit.

There is a professional fee for the comprehensive testing or other services.

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Free Hearing Test Denver

Hearing Test Wikipedia:

A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing and is most often performed by an audiologist using an audiometer. An audiometer is used to determine a person’s hearing sensitivity at different frequencies. There are other hearing tests as well, e.g., Weber test and Rinne test.


An audiometer hearing test is usually administered to a person sitting in a soundproof booth wearing a set of headphones which is connected to an audiometer. Small foam insert earphones placed in the ears may also be used. The audiometer produces tones at specific frequencies and set volume levels to each ear independently. The audiologist or licensed hearing aid specialist plots the loudness, in decibels, on an audiogram. People having their hearing tested will convey that they have heard the tone by either raising a hand or pressing a button. As the test progresses, the audiologist or hearing aid specialist, plots points on a graph where the frequency is on the x-axis and the loudness on the y-axis. Once each frequency of hearing ability is tested and plotted, the points are joined by a line so that one can see at a glance which frequencies are not being heard normally and what degree of hearing loss may be present. Normal hearing at any frequency is a sound pressure of 20 dBSPL or quieter; with worsening hearing as the number increases.

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