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Oticon Agil – The energy of understanding

Agil takes the hard work out of making sense of sound and following conversation. Like no other hearing instrument, Oticon Agil is designed to give people more energy to cope in complex situations. You could call it the confidence and ability to communicate freely and interact naturally.

We call it the energy of understanding.

Oticon Acto – The All Together Better Mid Priced Hearing Aid
Oticon Acto is the new high performance mid market hearing device. This amazing hearing instrument delivers fully on Oticon’s commitment to provide better sound quality while raising the bar in convenience and flexibility. Acto is designed to let you hear what you need to hear with greater comfort. The hearing instruments automatically adapt to the environment so that you can follow conversation, even in challenging situations.

Oticon Hit – Don’t let hearing loss hold you back!

When you’re looking for help with your hearing and price really matters, Oticon Hit may be your solution. Hit is a reliable and more affordable way to open the door to a whole new world.

Oticon Chili – The Challenge of Severe to Profound Hearing Loss
Oticon chili was developed in collaboration with real people who know the everyday challenges that comes with sever to profound hearing loss. This includes not only people who have hearing loss, but also their families and firends who share with them the everyday challenges of communicating. It is slim, discreet, and and uses a size 13 battery, making it incredibly small.  Experience Chili as the next step on your journey to better communication.