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Hearing Checklist

Straight Talk — What Your Hearing Device Provider Needs to Know
When you decide that you’re having trouble with your hearing and you want to talk with a hearing device provider, it his helpful for you to have thought about some of the things you need to tell them.
  • Are the problems you are having with hearing and understanding specific people?  (Examples, spouse, grandchildren, family, friends)
  • Are the problems worse in specific situations (examples, at home, car, restaurants, church, meetings, bowling)?
  • Do you feel the problem is one of loudness (can’t hear) or of clarity (hear okay, but difficulty understanding)?

How well do you hear the television?

  • If you have multiple televisions, do you hear one better than the other?
  • Which TV channels or shows are harder or easier for you to hear and understand?
  • Which announcers are easier or harder to understand?

Sometimes the problem can be more with the audio from the television than from your hearing. Sometimes, the problems are a combination of the audio from the television and your hearing levels.

  • Has the hearing loss come on slowly over a number of years or recently and rapidly?
  • Have you had symptoms of dizziness?
  • Do you feel your ears are “plugged?”
  • Do you have pain or discomfort in your ears?

If you’ve had the problems for a long time, what’s making you concerned at this time to seek information?  Is it a specific situation or problem?  Over time, small changes in hearing can occur until there is a precipitating event where you are in a meaningful situation when those changes cause a problem to be great enough to jar you into seeking information.

Are you seeking information because your spouse or family are “pressuring” you to seek information?

When you seek information, the information you provide can help your provider better understand what difficulties you’re having and what options could be considered.  By thinking of this information prior to your appointment, you will be providing much information that will significantly improve your success in the hearing aid process.

Easier conversations with fewer misunderstandings or requests for repetition are the elements of success with your hearing instruments.

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