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Unitron Hearing Aids

A new dawn of high-fidelity sound from hearing aids.
The Unitron Pro ERA processing platform ushers in a new dawn of high-fidelity sound. Dramatic increases in processing speed, capacity and memory, along with best-in-class wireless capabilities enabled the creation of more advanced algorithms that fuel previously impossible technologies.

This technology is a significant leap forward delivering the most natural sounds–only from Unitron.

Inside is a computer chip with 10 MHz clock speed, 200 million operations per second, 16 million transistors, and 2x greater RAM.

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Unitron Quantum and Moxi PRO is making great things happen again with binaural spatial processing that’s smart enough to determine where speech is coming from. Both ears working together just like nature intended.

In nature, the two ears must work together to truly know the direction of speech. In hearing aids, the same principle applies. The only way for  hearing instruments to reliably determine the direction of speech is to continuously work together to analyze the environment. The ERA Pro circuits allow the hearing aids to do this through binaural spatial processing.

PRO knows the direction of speech
Binaural spatial processing is possible in Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro because ERA provides the power to identify  speech and process information from both hearing aids. When the hearing aids identify speech they work together to pinpoint the direction it is coming from.

This binaural spatial processing is the technology behind SpeechZoneTM a highly effective new feature in Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro hearing aids.

PRO zones in on speech
SpeechZone is the new feature in Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro hearing aids that automatically lets clients clearly enjoy conversations in the toughest listening situations.

With both hearing aids working together, SpeechZone activates the maximum directionality when the hearing instruments determine that speech is coming from the front in a nosy environment. Listening automatically becomes easier as both hearing aids really zone in on speech.

There is no need for the hearing aid controls to be manually adjusted. The changes will be made automatically.

To experience the new features in the Unitron Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro, contact the exclusive services of Denver Hearing Aids at (720) 335-5134

A world of possibilities: Passport Unitron-hearing-aids-Logo

Built upon revolutionary technology that is easy to understand, Passport™ premium hearing instruments allow you to achieve significantly better hearing. Passport empowers you with the confidence to communicate, even in challenging listening environments.

  • Intelligent: It knows just what to do Passport automatically matches your hearing instrument settings to your surroundings using an array of advanced, adaptive features.
  • Personal: It listens to you Passport’s smartFocus™ technology allows you to fine-tune your hearing instruments in a whole new way, increasing listening satisfaction no matter where you are.
  • Connected: It opens new doors Passport supports the Unifi™ Wireless System making it even easier to connect to the people and places.

Latitude 16 gives you freedom:

  • Fully automatic plus optional control – Exceptional sound quality and superior speech comprehension for comfortable listening
  • Binaural Phone – Hear phone conversations clearly in both ears, no accessory required
  • Wireless technology – Balanced listening on and off the phone and easy connection to devices that make life more enjoyable
  • Premium innovations – experience unparalleled performances with technologies typically only found in premium hearing instruments
  • Discreet styles – Largest choices of styles ensuring a fit for your lifestyle

Next™ 16 is one of four outstanding hearing instrument products within the Next series.
Each Next hearing instrument offers unique features to address your individual preferences and budget, and is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Next 16, the most advanced of the Next series, offers an exceptional set of purpose-driven features including Comfort-Clarity Balance, automatic performance, adaptive directional microphones and a sophisticated feedback management system. Next comes in a wide range of styles and colors from ultra-small behind-the-ear (BTE) to discreet completely-in-the-canal (CIC).