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We’re celebrating our 20th year at this location.

I want to give you a story about a gentle lady that was referred to me by one of our long-time customers. This is an example our professional dedication to providing what our customers want and need.

The lady purchased hearing aids elsewhere two years ago. Among other issues, she had difficulty hearing on the telephone. She had gone back to where she had purchased them 11 times to solve the problem. She was frustrated and coming to see me to get new hearing aids.

After a comprehensive hearing test* specifically designed for amplification purposes, I checked the settings of the hearing aids. They were based upon the settings for the average hearing aid user. (I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any “average” hearing aid user. They all have unique needs and likes.)

I suggested I customize her hearing aids with an adaptive customization process designed for her and that we work on her distinctive, individual needs. The performance with the hearing aids improved. She did not need to buy new hearing aids. If new hearing aids would have been necessary to provide the improved performance, we would have recommended them; however, in this situation that was not necessary.

Denver Hearing Aids is celebrating our 20th anniversary in this location. This story represents one of many of our commitment to professional customer care. We are take the time to ask professional questions to help us understand what your hearing environments are like and what your listening preferences are like.

One-third of persons over the age of 65 have a treatable hearing loss. It often presents as a comment such as “I hear okay, if they would just talk clearly.” That’s a tell tale sign of a hearing problem that can be successfully treated with hearing aids.

Next time you hear someone say “I can hear fine if my wife will look at me when she talks,” they should come see us. We’ll provide a hearing check and appropriate recommendations.

They’ll be glad you encouraged them to get professional help from our dedicated team at Denver Hearing Aids.

Randall D. Smith