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Denver Hearing Aids

In addition to Quick hearing aid repairs that include checking, adjusting and cleaning, we offer comprehensive hearing aid repair services and batteries for all brands, makes, and ages of hearing aids.

Denver Hearing Aids is now Modern Audiology and we serve the Denver market. We have also moved to the Academy Park Professional Building in Lakewood off Hampden Ave.!

hearing aids denverOur new address is:

Modern Audiology
7373 W. Jefferson Ave.
Suite 301
Lakewood, CO 80235

Please call (303) 988-7299 to schedule an appointment.

Denver Hearing Aids, based in Denver, Colorado since 1990 helps people with mild to severe hearing problems hear and understand speech more easily.  Our specialty is working with first-time hearing aid users. We provide Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Repair Services to the Denver Metro area.

Family-standing-in-front-of-American-flagWe carry a full product line of hearing problems. Offering the newest digital hearing aids and most cost-efficient hearing aids. We help people select the hearing aid system that works best for their specific needs and we take time to show you how to get the most out of your hearing aid.

Demo Program
Our demo program allows you to try the hearing aids before you buy one. And  *most people try demos on their first visit.

Free Hearing Testing
We offer a free screening hearing check* using a range of tests designed specifically to ensure the best success in selecting your hearing aid.

Repairs for Hearing Aids
In addition to checking and cleaning, we offer comprehensive hearing aid repair services for all brands, makes and ages of hearing aids.

38 years of experience helping people with their hearing aid needs in Denver means we are familiar with the latest products and know how to match them to your hearing needs.  We guarantee you will be successful with your hearing aids.

Finding a great place for digital hearing aids or hearing aid service in the Denver area has never been easier! We serve all of Denver and surrounding areas including: Lakewood, Golden, Morrison, Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Littleton and Englewood communities.

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Free Hearing Screening Test and Consultation *

*Hearing screening test is limited to a visual examination of the ear canal and threshold testing though headphones at the speech frequencies (.5-3kHz). The results are Pass or Fail.
The hearing screening test provides limited information as to whether amplification is indicated and if additional testing is necessary.

Comprehensive testing is necessary
1.) to determine the nature and degree of hearing loss; and for
2.) proper selection and fitting of hearing devices for safety, comfort, and benefit.

There is a professional fee for the comprehensive testing or other services.

Hearing Test Info

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