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Siemens Pure — It hides. You shine.
Thanks to the nearly invisible, completely discreet Siemens Pure you will find yourself often in the spotlight. But not your hearing loss. Its tiny size hides revolutionary Siemens BestSound Technology – for unrivaled speech clarity, sound comfort and personalized hearing. While its selection of ultra-small styles and subtle colors mean that Pure blends in perfectly, so only you stand out. Why miss a decibel of life? Discover a secret.

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* Ultra-small RIC (receiver-in-canal) instruments
* 16 exchangeable colors for complete individuality
* Instrument functions are fully automatic and inconspicuoussiemens hearing aids

* Features revolutionary BestSound Technology from Siemens
* 3 powerful receivers for up to moderately severe hearing loss
* Offers connectivity with the Tek wireless enhancement system

* The only rechargeable RIC hearing instrument
* New charger with convenient electronic drying