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Starkey and Resound iPhone© Hearing Aids now Available 

Starkey - Resound Made for iPhone Hearing AidsHalo – Made for iPhone Hearing Aids and TruLink™ iPhone App

Halo – Control your hearing experiences with Halo, the breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid, and TruLink™, Starkey’s personalized hearing control app.

Halo hearing aids are engineered to work with your iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®, so FaceTime® and phone calls, music, videos and more stream directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality – no background buzzing and whistling.

Demo a new way to experience hearing with Starkey – Resound Made for iPhone©  Hearing Aids!

Resound LiNX iPhone© Hearing Aids Also now Available!
The Resound LiNX is a new iOS-controlled hearing aid from GN ReSound.

We have Hearing Aid Financing

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Starkey Hearing Aids: Introducing Halo – A Made For iPhone Hearing Aid

Here at Starkey, better hearing is our focus. For nearly 50 years, our research and design teams have worked tirelessly to create award-winning hearing aid technology that enhances peopStarkey – Resound Made for iPhone© Hearing Aidsle’s lives. Despite all of our hard work, we realize that only a minority of those who actually need hearing help actively seek out and receive it.

Denver Hearing Aids is based in Denver, Colorado and has been since 1990. Our mission is to help people with mild to severe hearing problems hear and understand speech more easily.  We specialize in working with first-time hearing aid users. We provide Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Service to Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.

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