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What one Oticon Agil User says about New Beginnings . . . New Challenges . . . Happy Endings

Image of happy couple on a hammockHearing the sweet sounds that matter most.
I probably have had a problem with my hearing for a while but didn’t really recognize it as a problem until my daughter, Amelicia, was born. She’d be crying and making a fuss and my husband would run off to care for her and say, “Didn’t you hear that?” I know new mothers are extra-sensitive to their newborns’ cries and the fact that I couldn’t hear those sounds first cued me to the fact that I might have a slight hearing loss.

At the same time, I thought, “It couldn’t be, I’m too young!” I attributed to my husband’s ability to hear the baby’s cries to his super sensitive hearing. I would tell him, “I’m fine, if I can’t hear you when you’re talking, it’s because you mumble.”

He agreed that if I had a hearing exam and it showed I was fine, he would stop talking about my hearing loss. When I called my local audiologist for a checkup, she was very sympathetic to my situation as a busy, new mother and said that perhaps, I just had too much going on in my life.

Both of us were surprised when the test results came back. I did indeed have a fairly significant hearing loss. The diagnosis hit me like a bucket of cold water. Of course, I had to go home and eat crow. My husband was very understanding but it took me some time to adjust to the fact that I had a hearing problem and would need to wear hearing aids.

Since I am fairly young, I was very worried about the negative stigmas that are associated with hearing loss. I was afraid people would begin to look at me differently or see me as handicapped in some way. I am a financial analyst for the phone company and attend a lot of meetings. So being able to hear is crucial to my job and my career. I could envision my colleagues at work thinking I wasn’t as adept at things as they had thought.

Then, I remembered a colleague telling me that if you are just sitting in a meeting without responding, they think you’re not too bright. That’s exactly what I was doing. I was too embarrassed to say, “Can you repeat that” over and over again.

The more I thought, the more I realized that by refusing to take care of my hearing loss I was creating barriers in my life with my family, my friends, my career and more. I saw that I spent so much energy trying to compensate for my hearing loss, I didn’t have the energy I needed to enjoy all the wonderful things in my life, including my daughter.

I went back to my audiologist and she showed me the new Agil hearing instruments. After all my fears about big, clunky hearing aids, I was amazed, “Wow, you don’t even see them!” I tried them on and immediately I heard the difference. I remember touching my hair and I could hear it, I touched my clothes and could hear that sound. I started to realize what I had been missing.

I came home and my husband asked, “Did you get them? Where are they?” And I had a big smile on my face when I said, “I’m wearing them!”
Now I have to point to my ears to remind my husband that he’s speaking to me very loudly. He’s so used to me not being able to hear that he can’t believe I can hear so easily and so clearly.

My new hearing instruments are so comfortable I forget I have them on. I put them on in the morning and wear them throughout the day. They’ve become so second nature to me that I have to remind myself to take them off before I jump into the shower.

I am now able to join in at meetings. I no longer look like the person who has nothing to contribute. I can follow the main speaker even when everyone is talking around me. People remark that I have good ideas and seem so much more confident – they wonder what has caused this transformation. When I tell them I am now wearing new hearing aids, they are shocked. “No way!” They actually don’t believe me until I pluck them off to show them. They are amazed by the technology and the sleek, modern look.

As a busy mom with an inquisitive baby, I’m also happy that my Agils are so sturdy. They look so delicate but I can take them off and on easily without worrying about damaging them.
With the Streamer, I can answer my cell phone with just a touch of the button and the sound streams into my hearing aids like magic. I also enjoy listening to music though my Streamer. The sound is clearer and richer than I have experienced in a long time.

But the best part for me is how I can hear sounds all around me. Shortly after I got my Agils, I was driving in the car with Amelicia in the backseat car seat and I heard her humming. It was the sweetest sound! My husband told me she had been humming along to the music for almost a year and I had missed out for all that time.

Quality hearing aids like Agil are not inexpensive for a young family but your hearing is definitely not the place to skimp. Having the ability to hear clearly again and not miss out on even the tiniest thing – like a little girl’s humming – is priceless!

Source: http://www.oticonusa.com/Oticon/Consumers/User_Testimonials/Diana_Johnson.html

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