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Picture of Family Eating Meal OutsideA new international study, “Hearing is Living” by Hear the World, shows that a significant number of people (eight in 10 or 82.8 percent) people surveyed from the United States who wear hearing aids reported an improved quality of life. Two-thirds (67.5 percent) noted a better relationship with their partners.

The study also shows there is less of a vanity issue with hearing aids. Eighty-six  percent said they wear their hearing aid confidently. Seventy-seven percent experience positive reactions from the people around them.

It is estimated that 36 million adults in the United States have some degree of hearing loss. Persons with untreated hearing loss struggle with social isolation, relationship problems, disadvantages in everyday life and even depression.

Modern hearing aids improve the quality of life of the people affected and help them to be able to participate fully in life once more.

“Over the last five years, Hear the World has been raising awareness about the importance of hearing and working to dispel many myths associated with hearing loss and hearing aids. Although hearing is of central importance for almost all spheres of life, there are still too many people who are freely denying themselves a substantial degree of quality of life without realizing it,” explains Susan Whichard, Executive Director of Industry Relations, Phonak, LCC. “With our study “Hearing is Living”, we want to make people more conscious that it is worth valuing and protecting their own hearing and encourage them to do something about their hearing loss.”

Here are some additional factors identified in those surveyed in the United States:

  • 60% of those interviewed said their hearing aid is so natural that they even forget that they are wearing it.
  • 63% percent cannot imagine life without a hearing aid
  • Almost half (47.7 percent) said they should have started using a hearing aid much earlier
  • 83% said they enjoy a higher quality of life since they have been wearing a hearing aid
  • 68 said their relationship with their partner has improved since they have been wearing a hearing aid.

Hearing aids may can improve the quality of your life.

If you have a problem with your hearing, ask for a hearing check. That’s the first step to easier hearing.

Adapted from Hear the World.

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Hearing Aids Provide a Better Lifestyle and Better Relationships