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You Can Hear Better in Noisy Conditions

Hearing in noisy places can be difficult even for people who have normal hearing.  But for people who have a hearing problem, hearing in noise is very difficult. The background noise can “drown out” what you want to hear. There are things you can do to hear better in noise.

What can you do to hear better in noise?

  • Use two hearing aids rather than one hearing aid. Persons with normal hearing use both ears in noisy conditions. In general, two hearing aids will give you greater understanding in noise than if you use just one.
  • Use hearing aids with directional microphones. The directional microphones help to improve the speech signal reception in noise.
  • Use hearing aids with enhanced digital signal processing. Digital processing helps to reduce the impact of some unwanted sounds.

At Denver Hearing Aids, we work with you to achieve the very best hearing for noisy places. We have the ability to demonstrate how hearing aids can work for you in noises like restaurants or traffic.

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