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When it comes to job interviews, how you hear affects how you look:

5 tips for hearing and looking your best

You walk into the job interview.  Your hair is groomed.  Your skin is smooth.  You’re wearing your best interview suit.  Dahhling, you look fabulous, right?

Not necessarily.  What happens when you sit down and the interviewer starts asking you a question and you suddenly realize you can’t really hear what she’s saying? Now you lean in, furrow your brows, and hunch your shoulders.  You scrunch up your eyes and strain with all your might to hear your best.

How do you look now?

Unfortunately, the interviewer may see you in a different light.  Now she’s wondering why you look so uncomfortable.  She’s noticing the confidence slip from your face.  And she’s thinking maybe she needs to keep interviewing others.

In the United States, approximately 31.5 million Americans have hearing loss, and that includes 3 out of 10 people ages 60 plus, according to the Better Hearing Institute.

With today’s down economy, many of these seniors either need to postpone retirement or return to work.  Sixty percent of workers over the age of 60 are postponing retirement due to the impact of the financial crisis on their long-term savings, according to a recent CareerBuilder/USA Today national survey of employers.

And those re-entering the workforce are competing against younger workers eager to scoop up the jobs.

Excellent listening skills are ranked high by employers as desirable job attributes.  Fully 73 percent of employers surveyed by ACT, a leading college and workforce planning organization, ranked listening as “extremely important” job skills.

So, while people may feel that to look young they can’t be seen wearing a hearing device, they are much more likely to be perceived as old and less capable if they ignore their hearing needs and are unable to be effective listeners.

Before going in for an interview, follow these tips:

•    Take the free, easy, online hearing check offered by the Better Hearing Institute at hearingcheck.org
•    If you think you may have hearing loss, see a hearing health professional immediately to get your hearing tested.
•    If you have a hearing loss that can be treated with hearing devices – and 95% of hearing losses can be improved with hearing devices – get fitted for them.
•    Start wearing your hearing devices immediately and see what a difference they make.
•    Then, go into the interview confident in your hearing and listen-up!  The job is yours.

Attend a Free Hearing Health Demonstration in Denver and/or contact us for a free hearing check