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Denver Hearing Aids is Proud to offer AMP:
An Invisible Standard Hearing Aid


AMP is a New Option for Those Not Ready for a Hearing Aid

Denver Hearing Aids is proud to announce that it is one of the first to offer MicroTech’s AMP™, the hearing aid for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid. Many people have trouble hearing what others are saying or are starting to miss out on sounds they could once hear but are not sure they are ready to wear a hearing aid yet – especially one that other people can see. MicroTech’s new AMP addresses these concerns. AMP is designed to fit snugly inside the ear canal and be invisible when worn. It is more affordable than many other traditional hearing aid solutions and sounds great.

“We are excited to offer AMP to our patients,” said Randall D. Smith. “AMP offers great features and is the perfect option for our patients who may otherwise put off getting a hearing aid.”

“The AMP costs $1500 a pair. That’s a great value,” said Mr. Smith. “It is a more affordable hearing aid option to custom hearing aids.”

AMP has a variety of sleeve sizes so it fits comfortably in the ear. The hearing aid is designed to fit invisibly in the ear and is ready to wear after only one visit with a hearing care professional. In addition, AMP is comfortable and easy to remove. Find out more about AMP at DenverHearingAids.com/AMPAMP Video

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