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Oticon Hearing Aids that will help you hear more easily and more clearly.

Oticon Agil is the newest high performance hearing aid from Oticon. These premium Hearing Aids use a revolutionary signal processing power to help you hear more easily and more clearly.  Agil users get the best hearing experience today’s digital technology can deliver.

Featuring 3 breakthrough audiological concepts:

  • Spatial Sound 2.0 builds on Oticon’s unique spatial sound system by adding a binaural noise management system.
  • Speech Guard automatically adjusts gain level in changing environments without the speech distortions of traditional compression systems.

The new technologies found in Agil are possible due to the new RISE 2 platform. RISE 2 offers the following signal processing advantages:

  • Extreme processing speed
  • Twice the calculating power of RISE
  • No increase in current consumption
  • 2nd Generation wireless
  • Smaller size for smaller instruments

To experience the sound solution found in the Oticon Agil hearing aids, call 720-335-5134. You can participate in a demonstration of what this fantastic hearing aid technology can do. Hear for yourself in a realistic hearing environment. You will be amazed at the improved ease of hearing and quality of speech understanding.

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