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With 39 years of experience and over 20 years in the same location in Denver, CO, we are committed to your better hearing.

We offer comprehensive hearing exams and will help you select the best ‘fit’ for a hearing aid that meets your needs and budget. Affordable hearing aids are possible by matching the correct hearing aid to your hearing needs.

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Located in Denver, CO, we serve the communities of Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, and Golden.

Free Hearing Screening Test and Consultation *

*Hearing screening test is limited to a visual examination of the ear canal and threshold testing though headphones at the speech frequencies (.5-3kHz). The results are Pass or Fail.
The hearing screening test provides limited information as to whether amplification is indicated and if additional testing is necessary.

Comprehensive testing is necessary
1.) to determine the nature and degree of hearing loss; and for
2.) proper selection and fitting of hearing devices for safety, comfort, and benefit.

There is a professional fee for the comprehensive testing or other services.