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Denver Hearing Aids is in Denver, Colorado.  For 20 years in this location, we have been providing hearing aids and hearing aid services for the southwest Denver metro area,  including Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Morrison, Evergreen, Conifer, and Golden CO.

We have a mission to help you hear better and understand speech more easily. By improving your hearing you will improve your ease of communication and your life.

We offer the newest and most cost efficient hearing aids. We help you select the hearing aids that will work best for your hearing loss and your budget.

We use a hearing aid demonstration process. You try the hearing aids before you buy them. Many times you are able to try them on your first visit (for most hearing problems). We help you do hearing aid comparisons so you can choose the ones best for you.

We take special care of first-time hearing aid users. We provide a comfortable setting and opportunity to experience what hearing aids can do for you. Our goal is to help you understand what products can help you hear more easily. We take the time to show you how to get the most out of your hearing aids.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

For persons who have worn hearing aids and are looking for a new “hearing aid home,” we make special efforts to understand your needs and carry forward your hearing aid care.

We use affordable hearing aids to help people with mild to severe hearing problems.

We have the most simple of hearing aids to the most technologically advanced hearing systems. We use a range of hearing tests designed specifically to ensure your success with hearing aids.


We offer hearing aid repair services for all major brands, makes, and ages of hearing aids.

  • Oticon hearing aids
  • Siemens hearing aids
  • Widex hearing aids
  • Unitron hearing aids
  • Rexton hearing aids
  • Phonak hearing aids
  • MicroTech hearing aids
  • Starkey hearing aids

We clean and check your hearing aids. We have many in-house repair services for issues such as dead hearing aids, broken battery doors, and other problems.

We have a full product line of hearing instruments for all types of hearing problems.

We are certified and licensed to provide you with quality products and professional services to assure you receive the best hearing aids for your hearing needs.

Our 39 years of experience means we understand your hearing needs and we have the expertise to use the latest high tech hearing aids to help you hear better.

We help you select the best hearing aids to meet your hearing needs—and your budget.

Call for a free copy of  The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions with your appointment. It is also available on Amazon.com or give us your name and address and we’ll mail a complementary copy to you.