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Unitron’s Latitude™ offers a family of hearing instruments that fit your unique hearing loss, preferences and life style. Latitude 16 is an advanced hearing aid with breakthrough technology that includes fully automatic performance that can be enhanced with an optional remote control.

The Latitude 16 uses the following technologies to improve your listening ease and comfort:

  • SmartFocus—provides a user-adjustable ability to increase the focus on speech understanding or greater comfort
  • Automatic programs—provides the best sound quality in the three most common listening situations
  • Multiband adaptive directional microphones for better hearing in noisy situations
  • Self learning—learns your preferred settings for different noise environments and automatically makes those adjustments for you
  • Noise reduction—enhances your listening comfort by identifying noises that tend to be more dominant than speech
  • AntiShock—instantly  detects and controls loud sounds, such as the slamming of a door or dishes clattering in the sink, that can cause discomfort because of the loudness of these sudden sounds
  • Feedback management—reduces the embarrassing whistling that some people experience with hearing aids

These purpose-driven features allow this hearing aid to deliver greater confidence in “difficult-to-hear” situations. This is a hearing aid to consider demonstrating.

It offers premium features with a value-based price.