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Denver Hearing Aids is first to offer Innovative New Options for Hearing Aid Wearers

DENVER, CO  September 28, 2010 — Denver Hearing Aids today released a press release announcing it has successfully completed advanced training on MicroTech’s revolutionary new hearing system, held at the manufacturer’s world headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.  Denver Hearing Aids participation in the 2-day training event provided them with insights into proper techniques for fitting the latest hearing instrument technology, troubleshooting tips for helping those patients with unique hearing loss or anatomical conditions, and best practices in marketing and communicating their practice’s benefits effectively to those patients in need of treatment and consulting.  The training sessions featured presentations from numerous manufacturer experts in specialized product, software and advanced fitting techniques training.

With completion Denver Hearing Aids is now one of the first to offer MicroTech’s Axio™ ST and HearLens™. Axio ST is MicroTech’s newest innovative hearing aid family featuring the most sophisticated noise reduction and speech preservation system in the industry. HearLens is an entirely new style of hearing aid – the first custom, completely invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) digital hearing aid featuring the technology and signal processing of Axio ST.

“We are excited to offer this new technology and hearing aid style to our patients,” said Randall D. Smith, the owner of Denver Hearing Aids. “Advancements in technology give hearing aid wearers more options to find the instrument that is best for both their hearing losses and lifestyles.”

Axio ST features SpeechTrax, a new noise reduction and speech preservation system that is so fast and smart it is designed to reduce noise between syllables of speech and can be a solution to the biggest problem many wearers have with hearing aids – hearing speech comfortably in noise. SpeechTrax is designed to hold speech volume up and push background noise down, meaning that the wearer hears more of what they want to hear, like conversations, and less of what they don’t, including wind and noise. SpeechTrax is paired with MicroTech’s industry-leading feedback canceler, which is designed to virtually eliminate annoying buzzing and whistling, as well as other advanced features that provide superior performance. The Axio ST family includes a complete line of custom and standard hearing aid options.

HearLens is a custom-molded hearing aid built using MicroTech’s Comfort Fit process and lives in the second bend of the ear. Meaning, HearLens is truly 100 percent invisible and conquers vanity concerns associated with yesterday’s hearing aids. HearLens features the advanced technology of Axio ST, is designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health and allows wearers to change the batteries on their own without needing additional tools or visits to their hearing care professionals. HearLens can be used for a wide range of hearing losses.

About Denver Hearing Aids

Denver Hearing Aids provides a variety of hearing care services including hearing evaluations, video ear inspections, hearing instrument fittings, aural rehabilitation and hearing aid repair. Denver Hearing Aids provides patients with a number of convenient options to find out more about their hearing health. For more information or to set up an appointment with Denver Hearing Aids, please call 720-335-5134 or visit denverhearingaids.com.

About MicroTech

Founded in 1986, MicroTech is a hearing aid manufacturer based in Eden Prairie, Minn. MicroTech works as a partner with medical professionals in training, managing and providing technologically advanced hearing solutions for their patients. For more information, visit MicroTech.