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Hearing loss due to aging, (called presbycusis) develops very slowly. It develops so slowly that most people don’t recognize that they have a hearing loss. They usually deny that there is a hearing loss. However, their spouse, family or friends may be very aware that there is a hearing problem.

Hearing loss is more than a mere annoyance
Researchers are discovering that hearing loss may increase one’s risk for:

  • Dementia—a study found in the Archives of Neurology found that the risk of developing dementia was two, three and five times higher in those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss respectively, than those with normal hearing.
  • Depression—Significantly more older adults with hearing loss who do not wear hearing aids report feelings of sadness and depression than those who have normal hearing.
  • Injury—Hearing loss can be a safety hazard. Pedestrians who have trouble hearing may not hear oncoming traffic.

Do you need a hearing aid?
If you find that any of the following statements apply to you, you may have a hearing loss.

  • You frequently ask, “What?”
  • Everyone around you seems to mumble.
  • You hear someone speaking, but you can’t understand what they are saying.
  • If you have more difficulty hearing women and children.

If you have any of these symptoms, contact Denver Hearing Aids for more information and help.

Best Hearing Aid Options
Hearing aids today are highly sophisticated:

  • Hearing aids are medical devices that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Almost all hearing aids use one of the many digital technologies that are available.
  • Hearing aids are becoming smaller and smaller; however, the small size should not be the primary determination for a particular hearing aid. Improved ease of hearing should be your goal.
  • Noise reduction circuits in hearing aids do not make the background noises “go away.” The noise reduction circuits aim to improve speech perception in nosy conditions by prioritizing the human voice over other sounds in the environment.
  • Directional microphones improve the signal (speech) to noise (everything you don’t want to hear) ratio.

Ignoring Hearing Loss is Dangerous
Adapted and expanded from Bottom Line Publications

For more information on hearing loss or hearing aids, please contact Denver Hearing Aids.

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