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Vanderbilt doctors are using digital technology and sound equalizers to help those who can’t hear well.

Some new digital hearing aids don’t cover the ear canal — many patients are fitted with open ear hearing aids that leverage sound technologies for patients with unique hearing loss problems.

Many utilize two microphones for bi-directional sound gathering. A digital processor is programed through a sound processor to compensate for nerve damage; the necessary frequencies are amplified as needed.

Applications demonstrated in this video:
Two examples of partial hearing loss remedies were applied to patients with 60 and 80% hearing loss

A teen experienced the loss of high frequencies from a swimming accident but was able to hear music and play in her school marching band. She hardly knows it’s there.

A Grandfather could have conversations with his granddaughter and no one had to repeat anything.


Hearing loss isolates us from the people we love in our lives. The hearing problems separates our little daily interactions that support and encourage our relationships.

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Don’t let a hearing problem separate you from your loved ones.